Winter Back Home and Memories

Preparing for the winter or wintering as I like to call it is a long and complex event for the plant kingdom as well as the animal one. During the time when the nature is adapting to the winter, only a small portion of the changes that take place can be seen by the eye. What you can see is the falling of leaves and some animals who gather more fat in preparation. However most of the changes are biochemical which increase the durability of cell structure for the cold and dry weather. At the same time it is mandatory to stop extremely important cell processes belonging to the summer season. Like photosynthesis or the activity of animals. The winter destroys a lot of life around us which just means that it’s preparing us for the winter.

Quoted from John Ruskin: Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

Only a small portion of winter is quiet and grey, called the heart of winter. The time when it’s difficult to distinguish where the sky stops and starts. Time seems to have stood still, only snow flakes quietly falling. Perhaps only now and then the wind sighs from its branches or the trees sputter as the freeze gets tougher. The sound is the sign that the cells of the tree are breaking. But nature is far from dead, it simply rests and simultaneously tolerates! Even some members of the animal kingdom are still well active.

Besides tolerating the cold and dryness another part of winter tolerance is how to survive from little snow fall or a lot of snow fall. The effect on animals from the snow blanket depends on the ability to move, hide in the snow, dig edibles from the snow and adapt to the nutrition found on top of the snow layers. As a human I’ve well adapted to many possible conditions thus as being a part of the nature it is my responsibility to help take care of it as far as I can!

These are the thoughts that are taking me back to my habitat after a long and beautiful travel in China. It feels as if I’ve been to distant land that is so different that I’m still not sure if I was dreaming or not. Did the old Beijing Workers’ Club exist with all the old city life or was it a mirage of some kind. Did I meet all those wonderful people or was I just hallucinating.

Oh, it must be the effects of listening to ambient music for so many hours! I’m listening to an album called Ambiant Otaku which is a great favorite of mine by Tetsu Inoue. (recommended) So it did all happen and now is a part of me, forever!

Last But Not Least, Beijing Acrobatics

My trip is soon nearing it’s end and my fascination for travel has increased evermore. Thus I hope to do a lot more travel in the future. What I have learned from this trip is to have less expectations and embrace the world in the form that it comes to you.

China has completely broken my expectations as a polluted, non-ecologic country. These people are getting into grips with life amongst such a huge population. Occasionally the lifestyle is damaging for the nature but people have done a great deal on an individual level. Nothing goes to waste here and nature is precious to them. Perhaps the changes that lack are on a governmental level. One thing I now know is that the Chinese love their plants & nature 🙂

So last but not least, I am sharing my photos from the Chaoyang Theatre performance. My favorite acrobatics were the wheels of the dead which is really amazing. The men walk along a huge wheel with their eyes blindfolded and play around as if they would fall down. Makes the audience scared silly. And I always love the kongzhu stuff, which is like a Chinese yo-yo.



PS. Feel free to use my pics, just let me know beforehand!

Great Hilariousities in Beijing

I’ve gotten all soft on my travels haven’t I.

Couldn’t help sharing this with you guys, the Peking Opera here is simply hilarious. It’s extremely detailed and beautiful “acting choreography” that’s played out like silly fools! Well, at least that’s my non-professional description of it.

Seriously I had a laugh of a lifetime at the show at Liyuan Theatre which caters tourists but who cares. It’s a genuine performance and they’ve been at it in this particular theatre since oh- ’90! Now that makes it all worth it doesn’t it.

Just have a look at the pictures I took and you will see what I mean. I was sitting right next to the stage on these big wooden tables and drinking delicious tea. Thanks to the *wink* huge discount I got from May Tours.

This is a kind of kungfu style in Peking Opera acting. Great moves.

Is there something I can say. She’s wicked 🙂

The tough twins, I bet there out to kill someone.

Now this guy looks like there’s growing some psychedelic grass out of his beard.

These guys seem a bit serious don’t they. Well from here it gets pretty comic and pretty soon.

She’s like the most beautiful mom, just the way she moves is so delicate and beautiful.

All that shoving about could be converted into extremely useful workforce at my garden back home.


New Great Logo

Still enjoying here at the capital and I’ve made many friends on my path. One chinese bloke made me this great “Slow Garden” logo! It is a symbol of how you can just sit back and relax while mother earth grows on it’s on accord. Also the initials SG made with a nice font.


Slowing down on a beautiful autumn day at Chaoyang Park

Greetings from China!

Did you know that right next to the huge Beijing metropolis lies 300 hectares of magnificent trees, grass and lakes. Surrounded by suburb after suburb the Chaoyang Park ( is where all the locals seem to gather to take it slow and get time off from the buzz. Any time of the year!

My trip in China has been a timely one. But what does a green thumb do traveling when the nature is about to go back to sleep?

The simple answer is, this is the time of the year when I have time off from my work in agriculture. But that’s only half of the story. I think that the autumn change in season is one of the grandest displays of nature. For me, nothing could be more relaxing than looking at the leafs falling and feeling the cold breeze brushing my hair.

This garden tip is the laziest of them all as it requires no work from your part:) Go to the park on a very cold autumn day, but preferably sunny day and very windy as well. Take a news paper with you, find a bench to sit down in the park, realize that it’s simply impossible to read the news paper in that wind. Run after the flying newspaper and voila, you are ready to enjoy and relax now.

My personal tour guide was very understanding as I don’t enjoy the normal touristic routes much. There was a woman picking up something from the ground and I asked my guide from May Tours ( to go and ask her what she was doing. Turns out the woman was looking for leaves and sticks to warm her little hutong house nearby. Seems not everyone is fortunate enough to have an opportunity to just enjoy shuffling in the leaves.

Autumn leaves scattered around the lake.

With strong wind the lake stays calm.

High rise buildings in the distance.

People enjoying the view.

Walk down the path or take a bench.

Right next to the park, we went to see the Chaoyang Acrobatic Show (

It was magnificent.

Regards. SG

Gardening Cheap is Good

No need was your money on a huge garden. Slow gardening is all about cheap gardening and efficiency. Here is some advice for cheap garden startups.
Plant your own vegetables. You can purchase seeds for most vegetables from shops very cheaply.

Change the location of your grows. Different plants use different nutrients from the soil. If you change the location every year, you will get bigger and healthier plants.

Make use of rain water. It is useless to give tap water to plants. You can easily collect rain water into a big container and water the plants with it when needed.

You can get excellent grows by using the seeds from the fruit you eat. For example avocados and mangos are easy to grow.


The Joys of Gardening

What could be more rewarding hobby than gardening. It takes not only time and patience, but ability to relax and enjoy the natural growth of the world in it’s own time. It grows one ability to care for the nature and each other as people.

Planning is a great task in gardening, which is an on-going one. This makes it all so exiting to just think about all the possibilities and figure out how to complete the task at hand.

In fact even the most well prepared garden, requires constant attention. This however doesn’t need to be hard work, however the hardest work will always be the initial construction of the setup.

All this of course promotes health for both body and the mind. All the cutting, digging and grabbing makes you exercise in natural and regular doses. Making it a perfectly good substitute for a gym workout or even a better alternative.

Types of gardeners are many and ages too. One can choose a suitable level for themselves, be it a small herb garden, or a bigger project requiring digging and mowing it all promotes well being!

It is even better enjoyed together, especially with kids who can have tremendous fun gardening. To watch something grow from a seed to a full grown plant, is not only magical to children but adults as well.

So let us enjoy, sloow gardening for a healthier and better life!