About Slow Gardening

Hello everyone and dear readers of my blog. My name is Pete Underwood and I am an expert, author and writer as well as consultant of the “Slow Gardening” concept. I have also written a book called “Slow Gardening book”, which explains the steps to a no-stress philosophy for gardening throughout the seasons. I am also a huge fan of Felder Rushing which is another expert in the field and in a sense my teacher of sorts.

Pete UnderwoodAs explained, this blog tells my personal story of incorporating the slow gardening concept to my life, which takes me from my home garden to foreign countries such as China and Beijing. For me, keeping balance with my personal life and gardening is absolutely essential. That is why I blog about all the things that are important within that life which is still strongly scented with my biggest passion and hobby in life. Which is gardening of course, that takes my senses and throws me into the circle of life in beautiful ways every year.

The text written here and intended to give concrete, interesting examples of the art of gardening. And an insight look to the slow lifestyle of an engaged individual.

Hope you like the experience so far and don’t hesitate to keep in contact. I have just installed a contact form so that everyone can get in touch with me personally and ask me questions. Anything related to travel, China, gardening or anything else is most welcome. Thank you!!

Pete Underwood