Radiation Knowledge & Documentaries Uniting Hands — 311docu

Sakura Tree Blooming in Fukushima

The message I want to say is, that let’s garden a bright future for Japan and make their live more safe. Having traveled there many times not just for promoting slow gardening but also for friends and fun. I just know, that it’s a country that deserves more attention on their struggle of the radiation issue. Not just because these people are so fantastic, but because their problem is not that theirs. The situation with the safety of nuclear power plants and that ever increasing level of radiation on our planet is global. it is effecting all of us, which is something we just tend to forget because Japan feels like it’s something far away. Well, this is far from the truth of course because the winds of this world are shared by all. What one country does, will be carried over wind to another country and ultimately everything is shared with everyone. A global mindset is not beneficial in terms of economics, but in terms of the air we all breath.

I have heard of rumours, about a fantastic project that is taking a step closer and bridging the gap between knowledge about nuclear problems. Of course there has been several documentaries, some more and some less great about the incident in Fukushima. To bring these documentaries to light there is an upcoming project that you may watch for at 311docu.com, the homepage of this ambitious task. The idea is to make objective reviews about the films that have been created. So that people who are interested in knowing more but not willing to read a book, can choose for themselves. Choosing a film to watch based on objective truth can have a much more quicker path to an understanding that actually has a positive, insightful impact on us. Ultimately it will united our hands thanks to the knowledge absorbed!

At least I think that the 311docu project is a wonderful one. Now tremendously looking forward for the project to see light of day. Another fact that needs to be covered more in detail is the effect of radiation to gardening, soil and plants in general. It is one of the first negative signs that we can see in light of such a disaster as the one in Fukushima. When radiation such as radioactive caesium enters the soil, it doesn’t simply stay there. Instead it enters a whole circle of life, that can contaminate our water supply, the plants that grow from the soil, all which enter our bodies. Our DNA could have profound negative effects over years and that’s why it’s extremely important for us to keep watch on this increasingly important problem. Not just in Japan, but in the whole of our mother earth.

As a side note, the 311 comes from the date when the Fukushima earthquake, tsunami and disaster happened. 11th of May 2011. We will never forget and through this understanding we can go forward in life.

Best regards & love to the Japanese people,
Pete Underwood