Timeless Tips to Focusing on Gardening

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I am going to do a post later about taking your mind off gardening, but for now I will focus on gardening. That is to focus on gardening it self. Because so many people seem to be distracted by everyday life and don’t find the time to do gardening. Especially when in the slow way of things, time tends to be consumed rather a lot. So several people have asked me, about how I manage to find all the time for it. And the answer is pretty simple.. I don’t. Which is often quite a releafe to others, knowing that I am in the same timeless situation as everyone else.

What that means, is that the only way to find the time to do this.. is to forget about time. There is no other way around it. As soon as you look at the watch, you fill fail because it will make you distracted and hurry on to other things in your life. That’s why you need to make a time when you forget about time alltogether. The key I guess is as simple as not caring about how much that time lasts.. do you understand?

What I mean is.. that it doens’t matter if you garden five or fifty minutes per day. Any time is enough and since you are not looking at the watch. You can focus on gardening undependent on any limit of time. When you need to do something else do it.. the magic of plants is that they live in nature by themselves. Being overly obsessive about caring for plants is the biggest mistake you can make.

Natural way is best for nature and the peace of mind. That’s my tip to focusing on your garden! Hope it helped to answer your questions guys.

See you next time,
Pete U.

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  1. Fantastic post. This should be like the core value of slow gardening, since it’s perhaps a point that is often misunderstood. Thanks a lot!


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