Economics of Going Natural

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I wanted to take this opportunity to make it clear, that slow gardening is far from anything commercial. Which is a movement that I have inreasingly seen on the game board of anything that’s “eco”. It’s really a pitty to see those who protect or not protect the environment devided into the rich, and the poor. This is only pseudo-naturalism and overall has negative consequences that are just as bad. The more the gap devides, the more it becomes a question of survival. While the rich feed of the poor, one is supposedly suppose to succeed monewise inorder to protect themselves. Gardening of just about anything from food to flowers in especial has this profound importance in the cycle of life.

But no matter how gloomy things might seem from the big picture, there are a lot of people who are waking up. Especially those who can afford it and later realise that maybe their effect on this world is not as positive as they would have hoped for. Living in balance with nature, brings happiness to life and ones surroundings. Staying locked in your castle of richness is not a satisfying life unless of course, you keep on growing your fortune more and more. This if of course what the millionares are doing, they are sick people. Addicted to a dose of money which is never enough.

This is the reason why we should not devide different levels of income, we should devide economics from our earths resources. This of course, is a battle that those who hold the power will fight until the last drop to protect. Luckily enough, they are the vast minority and already loosers at such. We need a healthier planet in so many ways, while slow gardening is one.. it is a drop in the ocean which btw. vibrates for all drops. Dribble and we are already half way there.

Let’s garden and remember what’s important to us, the beautiful life of travel. Not everyone is bad or evil, while it may seem so. I learned that in the most unlikely of places, in China where everyone seemed just corrupt and greedy. It was far from truth and if there is hope, hope is everywhere. We have to believe in it, or it will be a huge battle for the survival of the human kind. Economics will be the last thing on peoples mind then. Naturally.

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  1. Excellent point. We should not give so much importance to economics.. just concentrate on being natural. It’s beautiful!

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