Xian Show & Beautiful Xian Botanical Garden

I’m proud to present to you some beautiful pictures I took at the Xian Botanical Garden. Which is by far one of the most impressive gardens I have seen with flowers and all. Yes, this huge garden that covers an area of 20 hectars or approximately 49 acres is one of the oldest botanical gardens in the world. And amongst the first eight that were built in the whole of China to please the emperor of those times. I am presenting to you some pictures, but I have to say that the 3,500 or more plants that are presented here are more than plenty to take photographs of. That’s why I have only settled on presenting to you a handful, to see some of the highlights that I personally liked. Also another little restriction was, that I only had one whole day to observe it. For those who want to really get deep into the world of flowers, I would recommend a much longer stay.

At Xian

Despite this time restriction, I was able to witness one of the most brilliant displays and assortments of flowers I had seen in my life. The diversity is simply mind boggling. My favorite kinds were the medical plants as well as the aromatic plant garden. I like to think about the different uses for different plants, be it medicine, aroma or insense. China is surely one of the experts in this field, of which Xian is the oldest city for having such deep culture.

At Xian

Of course, no garden is complete with a panda to decorate the garden. Such as this one in the picture. Also, this is absolutely my favorite flowers or at least one of them.. the “Big Wild Goose Pagoda” which does not fail to show it’s beauty and impress everyone!

At Xian

Also one impressive display was that of the tree-peony. It is the Chinese national flower, however there are over 200 categories of it. Incredibly all of which are on show here! There is also an exhibition that explains the history in very detail. Highly recommended!

At Xian

And no trip is complete, without some entertainment. For which Xian is famous for it’s traditions in performing arts. The Tang Dynasty which is when the city of Xian was built, is the name of the show that displays beauty of acting as beautiful as the flowers. Along with a live traditional Chinese orchestra. It really made my day and in the end the night as well, more perfect than I could ever hoped for. The Tang Dynasty Palace is also an extremely beautiful old building, so in itself it is worth to go to see it as well. The magical show was enjoyed by me and my colleagues and we will never forget it!

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Pete Underwood

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