The Meditative Power of Gardening

Meditative Rocks

Slow gardening, is a lot about medidative gardening. When you see an old man in the field, doing hard labor.. or an old man in a beautiful garden, doing lots of careful work. Either way.. have you ever though about what goes on in their hands.

I think I got the answer.. nothing!

This I know from experience. Because it’s one of the things I most love about the art.. is that it clears your head and stops your thinking. Makes you relaxed and feel at peace. There is a magical power with plants.. They don’t demand anything from you, they just go on with their lives.. with what they have. To garden is not just to watch that, but to witness that.

You have a distance with the plant.. yet you feel one with it and see it live it’s life. Meditation works in the same way. Because they don’t tell you what to do, it’s so easy to learn from them. And to forget. That’s why it’s important to go slow.. so you start to understand and you don’t forget.

Peace to my brothers in the wide world. It’s time to start planting seeds again!


Pete Underwood