Peace Through Acrobatics & Law of Nature

Shanghai Contest Show

Just as there is a battle between plants that grow amongst themselves.. at the same time there is harmony. This is one of the mysteries of life. How can people be in peace while they are competing against each other, even trying to destroy each other. But I would like to stress that I don’t think there is any reason to be scared.

Such is the case between China and Japan as well as Korea. All countries are so deeply and historically rooted, just as a tree that has grown for centuries. Yet, they choose to fight. While it’s unfortunate, perhaps the balance is there.. just hidden to those who think negatively.

In shanghai I observed this through the Shanghai acrobatic show scene which I am very fond of. While many have fallen down because of territorial disputes.. some have gotten up and create an even better show of acrobatics! There are about three theaters left, from the total of almost a dozen that use to roam the scene.

It was sad to see some of the older theaters wither away.. because there were no Japanese people coming to these shows anymore. They are scared and trying to find another way to approach China. With peace and balance. But those who survive are better than ever. During my visit there, I enjoyed them extremely much.

And that’s the peace.. how things evolve. There is lot more to evolve and sometimes the world needs such dramatic events to learn. Again, it’s unfortunate but seems to be like a law of the nature. Shanghai is a good example, because while the development there seems totally irrational and even crazy at times. Even from such places, this peaceful harmony can be found. Be it performing arts or the local flower shop.., you just need to look at it the right way!

My peace wishes for two of my favorites countries in this world, Japan and China.

Pete Underwood