Rice Harvest in Japan

Rice Harvest

The harvest season in Japan has been largely successful, dispite the usual typhoons that still continue to sweep the country. The Japanese are busy at home eating their “shin kome”, newly harvested rice which for some reason tastes better than ever.

Just as Christopher columbus put it when he first set foot on the island, the landscape was covered in gold. Wherever you can find errable land, there are fields in use.. even for some of those fields that are not being used at the moment, the government is paying the farmers to plan flowers.. only for display!

One amazing view after another.. but they all seem to have at least three elements that are the same. The fields, the mountains and last but not least the electric cables!

This sight is hightened, when the crops turn to gold.. wind blows through the fields and sprinkles magic golden dust throught Japan.

Then it’s harvest time and machines carefully process all the rice.. until a fine white mountain of grain. Not all of the crop can be processed by machine so the plants on the edge of the field are being collected by hand to save every last bit of rice.

After this is done, the field is burnt to make the soil ready for next years crop. The air is in smoke and the island has lost it’s golden glow.. winter is coming…!