Back in Beijing, Back in Plant and Kung Fu Show Life

Well, I could not hold much longer. When I go to visit places such as Beijing, I become affectionate with them and it’s hard to leave it at just one visit. China is really the country of opportunities, and my life in the states has become increasingly harder to get into grips with, when it comes to managing my life there. Everything seems so easy and flexible in the mainland if you have some knowledge and skills to share with these kind people.

I’ve have been temporarily recruited in garden design and management, which is a great pleasure to be welcomed in a country where gardening already has it’s long roots with many professionals around. My personality is to show sympathy towards local culture as I sincerely do want to learn foreign countries as deeply and profoundly as possible. A mission that even many locals seem to forget nowadays. In this way I have gained much respect amongst these people whom I have received as dear friends and colleagues.

As usual, I caught up on some local expertise, this time the Red Theatre Kung Fu Show was another Beijing production that blew my mind. Tender was not the word that crossed my mind when I went there but incredibly this was one element that was intertwined into the spectacle. As a heterosexual but tender flower loving person, I did appreciate the tenderness that was shown amongst a story full of aggressive moments and action. Such a dance of balancing the two creates a somewhat realistic feature of what is the true story of Kung Fu. I would definitely go and see the show again as the Red Theatre captivated my mind pretty well.

Nature is definitely at close proximity here, the bald skillful men showing their martial art skills, the monk style, takes some guts to perform in such an exquisite manner. One disconnected with nature and plant life would not be able to make such a performance. I’m sure about that!