Home Vegetable Gardens Bring Happiness, Energy, Alimentation and a Pleasant Hobby

Vegetable Garden

At home gardens you can grow vegetables, root vegetables, fruits and berries. It’s advised to take your resources and time available into account when planning the size of your garden. If you are after a good yield, that takes a lot of effort but as we have a tendency to here at slow garden, a small yield will bring you enough to nourish your mind.

Besides nourishment and exercise, the garden will bring food for the eyes for you as well as your neighbors. Let’s say a 10 square root garden could bring plenty of joy to the whole family. The light needed by plants is different, therefore give more room for those that need more light for a successful plantation.

An important division between plants is those that are easy to grow and those that are more challenging. Fruits and different berry bushes are much easier than having a garden plot. Just the trick is that you need to cut the plants in April or before the spring comes.

More time consuming hobby is a garden plot, which you should sow, trim, water and weed. Then in the end you have to collect the harvest. Herbs are a popular “easy grow” that have less watering and trimming needed. Other easy to grow vegetables are radishes, onions, peas, zucchini and lettuce.