Winter Back Home and Memories

Preparing for the winter or wintering as I like to call it is a long and complex event for the plant kingdom as well as the animal one. During the time when the nature is adapting to the winter, only a small portion of the changes that take place can be seen by the eye. What you can see is the falling of leaves and some animals who gather more fat in preparation. However most of the changes are biochemical which increase the durability of cell structure for the cold and dry weather. At the same time it is mandatory to stop extremely important cell processes belonging to the summer season. Like photosynthesis or the activity of animals. The winter destroys a lot of life around us which just means that it’s preparing us for the winter.

Quoted from John Ruskin: Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.

Only a small portion of winter is quiet and grey, called the heart of winter. The time when it’s difficult to distinguish where the sky stops and starts. Time seems to have stood still, only snow flakes quietly falling. Perhaps only now and then the wind sighs from its branches or the trees sputter as the freeze gets tougher. The sound is the sign that the cells of the tree are breaking. But nature is far from dead, it simply rests and simultaneously tolerates! Even some members of the animal kingdom are still well active.

Besides tolerating the cold and dryness another part of winter tolerance is how to survive from little snow fall or a lot of snow fall. The effect on animals from the snow blanket depends on the ability to move, hide in the snow, dig edibles from the snow and adapt to the nutrition found on top of the snow layers. As a human I’ve well adapted to many possible conditions thus as being a part of the nature it is my responsibility to help take care of it as far as I can!

These are the thoughts that are taking me back to my habitat after a long and beautiful travel in China. It feels as if I’ve been to distant land that is so different that I’m still not sure if I was dreaming or not. Did the old Beijing Workers’ Club exist with all the old city life or was it a mirage of some kind. Did I meet all those wonderful people or was I just hallucinating.

Oh, it must be the effects of listening to ambient music for so many hours! I’m listening to an album called Ambiant Otaku which is a great favorite of mine by Tetsu Inoue. (recommended) So it did all happen and now is a part of me, forever!