Last But Not Least, Beijing Acrobatics

My trip is soon nearing it’s end and my fascination for travel has increased evermore. Thus I hope to do a lot more travel in the future. What I have learned from this trip is to have less expectations and embrace the world in the form that it comes to you.

China has completely broken my expectations as a polluted, non-ecologic country. These people are getting into grips with life amongst such a huge population. Occasionally the lifestyle is damaging for the nature but people have done a great deal on an individual level. Nothing goes to waste here and nature is precious to them. Perhaps the changes that lack are on a governmental level. One thing I now know is that theĀ Chinese love their plants & nature šŸ™‚

So last but not least, I am sharing my photos from theĀ Chaoyang TheatreĀ performance. My favorite acrobatics were the wheels of the dead which is really amazing. The men walk along a huge wheel with their eyes blindfolded and play around as if they would fall down. Makes the audience scared silly. And I always love the kongzhu stuff, which is like a Chinese yo-yo.



PS. Feel free to use my pics, just let me know beforehand!

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