Great Hilariousities in Beijing

I’ve gotten all soft on my travels haven’t I.

Couldn’t help sharing this with you guys, the Peking Opera here is simply hilarious. It’s extremely detailed and beautiful “acting choreography” that’s played out like silly fools! Well, at least that’s my non-professional description of it.

Seriously I had a laugh of a lifetime at the show at Liyuan Theatre which caters tourists but who cares. It’s a genuine performance and they’ve been at it in this particular theatre since oh- ’90! Now that makes it all worth it doesn’t it.

Just have a look at the pictures I took and you will see what I mean. I was sitting right next to the stage on these big wooden tables and drinking delicious tea. Thanks to the *wink* huge discount I got from May Tours.

This is a kind of kungfu style in Peking Opera acting. Great moves.

Is there something I can say. She’s wicked 🙂

The tough twins, I bet there out to kill someone.

Now this guy looks like there’s growing some psychedelic grass out of his beard.

These guys seem a bit serious don’t they. Well from here it gets pretty comic and pretty soon.

She’s like the most beautiful mom, just the way she moves is so delicate and beautiful.

All that shoving about could be converted into extremely useful workforce at my garden back home.


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