Gardening Cheap is Good

No need was your money on a huge garden. Slow gardening is all about cheap gardening and efficiency. Here is some advice for cheap garden startups.
Plant your own vegetables. You can purchase seeds for most vegetables from shops very cheaply.

Change the location of your grows. Different plants use different nutrients from the soil. If you change the location every year, you will get bigger and healthier plants.

Make use of rain water. It is useless to give tap water to plants. You can easily collect rain water into a big container and water the plants with it when needed.

You can get excellent grows by using the seeds from the fruit you eat. For example avocados and mangos are easy to grow.


The Joys of Gardening

What could be more rewarding hobby than gardening. It takes not only time and patience, but ability to relax and enjoy the natural growth of the world in it’s own time. It grows one ability to care for the nature and each other as people.

Planning is a great task in gardening, which is an on-going one. This makes it all so exiting to just think about all the possibilities and figure out how to complete the task at hand.

In fact even the most well prepared garden, requires constant attention. This however doesn’t need to be hard work, however the hardest work will always be the initial construction of the setup.

All this of course promotes health for both body and the mind. All the cutting, digging and grabbing makes you exercise in natural and regular doses. Making it a perfectly good substitute for a gym workout or even a better alternative.

Types of gardeners are many and ages too. One can choose a suitable level for themselves, be it a small herb garden, or a bigger project requiring digging and mowing it all promotes well being!

It is even better enjoyed together, especially with kids who can have tremendous fun gardening. To watch something grow from a seed to a full grown plant, is not only magical to children but adults as well.

So let us enjoy, sloow gardening for a healthier and better life!